Being adventurous (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of Matthew 16:3 :

« Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast. » You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.

Here is the paradox. Does man pay attention to the signs that litter his path? To a certain extent, one could say. Especially when he is afraid that something undesirable might happen to him… So, when we are about to go out and the sky darkens, we pay attention because it could be a sign that rain is approaching; then we should prepare an umbrella! When we fear a landslide or an earthquake and the ground starts moving, we are alarmed and it raises some fear… When our car wobbles or makes strange sounds, we pay attention because it could mean an engine failure, a sign of danger if nothing is done! So yes, there are times when we pay attention to signs but only when we feel threatened! And yet, every moment of our life is made up of signs. Synchronicities are everywhere; intuition is omnipresent; feelings and emotions remind us in every occasion… But obviously, this kind of signs are almost never perceived, especially when one is constantly in a state of agitation… or they dismiss them as unimportant!

On this day, the Lord reminds us how much He speaks to us. He is not only the God of the Invisible but also of all things visible to our eyes. The entire Cosmos constitutes His body. So if we enter into a contemplative state, we could better see His face in everything that surrounds us: from stones to animals through flowers, His face shines forth in Nature… And constantly He speaks to us. But who listens? Even though He guides us, it seems like often we don’t take Him seriously and that’s where loss occurs. In our carelessness, something has passed by unnoticed… Failure. Frustrations and misunderstandings arise then. So what do you do when such situations occur?

Christ asks us to be adventurous. Failure is part of life. Certainly, we may not necessarily need to experience it, but the lack of knowledge about our own spiritual identity can lead us there… It is an essential component of the experiences we are called to have here on earth. When loss occurs, it is a sign that we need to change something in our way of living. And in these kinds of circumstances, God is always there to lift us up (Psalms 34:18). The Holy Spirit becomes even closer to us in order to guide us through this process of awareness. Because when we are afflicted, many questions arise from the depths of our being… These questions that demand answers… And this is a definite advantage for us because this questioning constitutes an important lever to benefit spiritually from this loss!

So, will you often take the risk of delving into your heart to obtain answers and implement them in order to change your life? Do you have a taste for adventure?


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