Restriction (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of Luke 12:15 :

Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

Think about it. What is missing in your life? Do you really need something to live on this earth that you don’t already have? We havealready asked ourselves this question many times before. Yes, you might say. There are the five basic needs… and other needs. Man needs material goods to live here. It’s obvious. But when you look closer… doesn’t Nature provide you with what you need to live each day? The riches that your eyes see and those that are invisible to your mind… Obviously, « they don’t belong to me, » you think. « I can’t use them freely and personally »… And there lies the destructive feeling. The thought behind the thought of demand; the one that raises the illusion of lack and causes the Universe not to respond to our requests!

In this earthly journey, everyone’s path is traced by his soul. Even if man has forgotten the purposes of his incarnation, his soul remembers and can guide him. But here’s where the mind hardly wants to rely on the advice of the heart. It has its own logic. It generates thoughts that it believes are logical because they correspond, according to it, to the context it is going through. But who says these desires are those of the soul? In other words, does what I ask for come from my own will (my ego) or from God’s (my soul)? Certainly, we rarely make such an analysis since generally whatever a man desires at a given moment he becomes attached to and wants it just like that. Obviously things don’t always work out like that. The Universe doesn’t return favors… nothing happens! And man doesn’t receive a favorable response simply because he attracts a form of restriction by clinging onto his own will! So what is the solution? What should be done?

First of all, it is about becoming aware of how the created Cosmos functions. The system of relativity established by the Creator is constantly listening to our feelings and thoughts. And since we emit thoughts at every moment, we release a certain energy. At every moment, a certain energy prevails because the Universe must balance itself. And this energy may well be different from what our heart emits at that moment, because we are not alone on Earth… and this energy can direct reality towards something else, different from what we desired. Hence the need to learn to let go and conform to what is! That is the profound meaning of surrender. Holding on to what one desires is synonymous with manifesting a lack or a need. Because through such a feeling, one expresses resistance to change. That’s the source of our disappointments and frustrations. Following the course of life sometimes means abandoning one’s own logic in order to conform to what life offers us as every time things don’t work out, when we are disappointed with what is happening, it means that our thoughts are out of sync with God’s thoughts. That’s the secret!

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