Make the most of it (Message from Light)

From the book of Ecclesiastes 11:9 :

Young man, rejoice in your youth, let your heart be glad during the days of your youth, walk in the ways of your heart and according to the sight of your eyes […]

To live and survive… Do you know the difference? When one is searching for something they feel is missing, they are in survival mode. They deploy all weapons to increase their chances of finding the treasure so dear to their heart. And as soon as they find it, they enjoy it. They live. However, this is not always what happens. When a person finally obtains what they have long sought after, what they have fought for tirelessly, having crossed mountains and valleys for ages, they are still not satisfied. They will start judging its value and ultimately conclude that they need much more to be happy. This is a typical reaction of the ego. Eternal dissatisfaction!

In his daily life, man is so busy « doing » or « showing » something that he does not see how much time he wastes by not enjoying what he has. This stems from the fact that his mind is rarely in the present moment. Consequently, it is external circumstances of life that shape his everyday reality! To escape judgment from others, one constantly wants to prove something. And even in happiness, one keeps moving! Others around me must know that I am happy… And we remain in survival mode instead of fully enjoying this precious gift that life has just given us. Manifesting our joy and deep gratitude by feeling the bliss and happiness derived from what we have just received. Savoring this magical moment as if it were our last on earth!

Today, the Lord invites us to become aware of this reality in our perception of life. Rarely do we take the time to feel joy, peace, love, tranquility. Rarely do we take the time to live precious moments with the people we love. Rarely do we take the time to feel the magic of love’s presence in our hearts! Attracted by external things, we neglect life. Thus, lifestyle becomes more important to us than life itself, hence mankind’s endless misery. But we can change this paradigm. We can decide to be who we are; learn how to channel joy within us as a sign of gratitude for this treasure that the Lord gives us. It is enough to redefine our vision of « life ». What does it mean for us? In essence, life is being. To live is simply to be what one is, completely and fully at every moment. Thus, no matter what happens externally, inner feelings become crucial. The energy of happiness is retained within us so that our being may benefit from it slowly and pleasantly.

Good meditation.


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