No commitment (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of Matthew 10:39 :

Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.

Why are people often sad? Why does man suffer so much in this world? Because he has made commitments. He imagined having to make these commitments to lead a « proper » life in society, to be accepted by peers and build harmony around him. However, this is not what often happens. Doing this because people ask for it, thinking and acting in a certain way to meet the « politically correct« , it doesn’t work. It has never worked. It only leads to frustration because at some point, the individual feels exhausted; they can no longer bear having to meet people’s expectations… They can no longer tolerate people critical looks, behaviors, insinuations…

But think about it. Are you obligated to commit to something in this world? That is the question. Are you forced to do something against your own will? What are you truly responsible for in this life? Your family? Your children? Do you really think that without you, things wouldn’t evolve on their own? It is true that when born, man has forgotten who he is. With this forgetfulness comes the loss of consciousness of his unity with God and everything around him. And so, this emptiness is born within him… he feels alone, hence the need to cling on. And in this quest for oneself, he forgets himself and begins to bear the burdens of others: that’s the bias! But do we have to remain in this heaviness? Are we truly obliged to perpetuate this vision of things that only makes us suffer daily and prevents us from rising towards the light?

« You are the light of the world… Choose the light! » says Christ to us on this day. God does not impose anything on us. No constraints. No restrictions. He simply desires that we learn to choose what is best within us, without considering what others may say, without regard for the illusions of this world. « You are committed to nothing and no one« , he repeats in his message… If we decide to think, say or do something, it is actually because we have chosen it. We wanted it for our own fulfillment. That’s all.

Furthermore, we must understand that those who hurt us do not do so on purpose. They have nothing against us. Their thoughts, words, and actions have everything to do with who they are and what they want to convey at that moment. And if we were affected by it, it is simply because we were caught up in the same dark dimension as our « adversaries« . But we can choose to rise above it. We can decide not to engage in conflicts, criticisms, adversities, resentments, and any other negativity… In order to move forward in our existence and evolve, we cannot stay there. We must choose change. Change our perception of things. Follow the light that is Christ!

But to do this, to walk in the footsteps of the Lord and become his disciple, we must abandon everything. « If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.« , declares Christ (Luke 14:26). As harsh as these words may seem, the message is quite clear and simple: if we desire to live in the light, we must detach ourselves from things; we must rid ourselves of all beliefs, thoughts and conditioning that weigh us down! Then we become light and can surf through life. We can see situations pass by without necessarily getting entangled in them. Thus we discover the thin layer that reflects our true Self. From there, we can better appreciate true life filled with joy peace and love; above all free from misery and afflictions.

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