The good side (Message of Light)

From the book of Psalms 32:11 :

Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart!

From the Gospel of Matthew 5:12 :

Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for. great is your reward in heaven…

Today, the Lord tells you: Thank you. Why thank you? Well, simply because you have done His will. Perhaps you are troubled as you read these lines: « How have I done God’s will? Am I not a sinner? Haven’t I almost always disobeyed His commandments and laws? » You wonder… But be at peace. Calm your mind. Like a child taking their first steps in life, your Heavenly Father fully understands all the effort you make in this difficult world to find Him again. He does not judge you and never will He judge you. He does not condemn you either and never will He condemn! For in everything that you undertake, God knows that your goal is to find Him again, rediscover who you are, reignite the flame of your heart. Because that is what you are… a being of Love!

So this is what Christ proposes to us to work on today: rediscover our good side. Let’s let go of the « bad » memories that linger in us, our wanderings and stammerings. Let’s focus more on our communion with God. Yes, we are not alone. We never have been. Even if, in our minds, it is clear that we have distanced ourselves from God, He is always there within us. Nothing, ever has been able to separate us and will never separate us from His unconditional and eternal love. So let’s rejoice in this wonderful news! Let’s burst with joy. Let’s be joyful and full of gladness because our sacred union with all that is alive elevates us infinitely into the depths of our God!

Perhaps you wonder: « how can I rejoice when everything seems upside down in my life? When nothing is going well and all I feel is pain and sorrow? » The Lord asks you, today, to trust Him instead of relying on your own understanding and physical senses (Proverbs 3:5). What you perceive at this moment is not truly your reality. The truth is that God loves you with a crazy love and has many good surprises in store for you. But you must not be discouraged. Faith is the key. You must continue to believe in God and believe in yourself because He lives within you! This deep conviction will allow you to continually envision the beautiful dwelling that Christ has prepared for you in His kingdom, and His star will guide you on the paths of light! This is the process that will completely transform your life!

Good meditation.


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