The next task (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of John 12, 27 :

« Now my soul is troubled. And what shall I say?… Father, deliver me from this hour?… But for this reason I have come up at this hour »

On the eve of his passion, in the heart of his sorrows, Christ felt the weight of his mission. He felt his soul as he always did… when he wrote on the ground before giving the sentence to the woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8, 1-11), when he stood up to order the storm to calm down (Mark 4, 39), and in the same way as he always did to draw celestial energy in order to heal the souls who needed it. Despite his great spiritual power, Christ never passed himself off as someone else… He always remained equal to himself, faithful to his mission, despite all the temptations and seductions that punctuated his path… Each time, he turned to his soul. Feeling your heart, feeling the fullness of your soul, this is what saves us from the corruptibility of this world. And this is the task that the Lord entrusts to us on this day… Indeed, can we claim to listen to our heart when we act in the shoes of another person? Base our thoughts and actions on hypocrisy and pretense?

Learning to be yourself, to bring out the person that we really are, requires extraordinary strength of soul. It is a demanding exercise in the sense that it requires the individual to reveal himself completely as he is; without detour, without secrecy, without lies. Having the courage to reveal ourselves to the world around us appears to the ego to be a suicide mission because it would be the end of itself. This is why such a task is so difficult for humans completely identified with their appearance and the things of this world. However, it is a beneficial path for the soul because at the end of the path strewn with ups and downs there is the light of being, the light that will give it peace and joy in this world.

The task our God entrusts to us today is one of the most important of our existence. In fact, it is the only way that leads to the narrow gate of eternal life. Learning to open your heart, look at what it contains and experience these emotions intensely is like building your house on the rock that is Christ. Because if the Lord lives in our hearts and we never take the trouble to feel his presence and his love, what good would that do us? And even if our ignorance has led us down thorny paths where we have woven bonds of servitude that have filled our hearts with defilement, we can decide to free ourselves. Obviously, this requires, once again, the honesty and candor essential to feeling these emotions and freeing our being from the yoke of the enemy.

So, beyond everything we listen to or read, is this practical exercise that immerses us in the universal space of divine love. Reading and learning is good but it is of little use if we do not have the courage to go further to dig deep into our being and listen to Christ speaking to us. To feel in order to experience in order to be able to lead a life with an open heart, this is the path that leads to Heaven. So if all we do every day is read and listen to teachings, nothing will change in our lives. True conversion is a way of life; it is a courageous decision, that of abandoning oneself to life, that of sacrificing one’s current life to find a better and more radiant one!

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