Fatigue (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of Matthew 11:28 :

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

There comes a time in our lives when we feel tired… very tired… whether physical or emotional, everything becomes heavy within and around us; the weight of the walk is felt deep down, so great are the expectations and the destination is still far away! The Lord tells us today that any fatigue is a sign that something is not going well in our inner balance. Indeed, when we are tired, it is because we lack energy. And lacking energy means that something within us is eating away at our energy. Two scenarios can then present themselves: either we are on the wrong path and our being is filled with negativities which robs us of our strength, or we are on the right path but we are going too fast and this exhausts us. In the latter case, what tires us is the constant projection towards the future, this destination that we would so much like to be already there but which still seems so far away and even sometimes, unattainable…

Good things come to those who wait.”, says the proverb. There is no point in running, the Lord tells us. In our lives we must learn to make regular stops to rest and regain strength before continuing on the journey. Otherwise, our trip may not be satisfactory; and so there will be disappointment and frustrations. Because if the path we took is not the right one, the destination will not be what we expected either and we will be disappointed. If the path is the right one and we go too fast, we risk never reaching our destination because we could fall before we get there. This is why the Lord asks us to stop and take a break.

But when we stop, isn’t it to gain energy? Isn’t it to regain strength before continuing the journey? It’s true that sometimes we wonder how to regain the energy that has dissipated along the way… When we no longer know where to turn and the load becomes too heavy, we simply have to think to this call of Christ: “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” A call that could not be clearer but which often falls on deaf ears! For what ? Because people struggle to understand the words of the Lord. When God calls us to come to him, we must already understand what such a call means for ourselves… We know, God is not a being of flesh; but then where could we find it? In the present moment of course! In the calm and silence of our hearts! For God is Spirit (John 4, 24); He is energy; He is love! And it is by fully opening our hearts that we can collect this energy of his presence within us. When we stop and breathe, refocusing on our inner being, Christ is there and his love re-energizes us. This is the cure. This is the solution.

Do you want to go far in your life? Do you want to be able to succeed in the mission that brought you here on earth? So you have to pace yourself. In other words, you must learn to detach yourself from the goal, the destination, the expectations in order to focus on the essential: Now. Because it is here and now that you will find the necessary resources for your journey. If you are tired, thirsty or hungry, it is there, in the now, that you can quench your thirst and let yourself be transformed by true light!


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