Priorities (Message of Light)

From the book of Proverbs 4:23 :

« Keep your heart above all else, for from it come the fountains of life. »

From the book of Proverbs 22:5 :

« Thorns and snares are in the way of the wicked man; He who guards his soul departs from it. »

Through the Holy Scriptures, the Master provides us with one of the most prominent secrets in the universe: « Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. » (Matthew 6:21) But the question is, « Where is your treasure? » In other words, what are your priorities? Here and now, what is most important to you?

Every day, man must run through the world in search of daily bread. The functions or roles that he assigns to himself due to his living conditions give him many responsibilities, particularly professional, family and others… And every day, he is so overwhelmed by these responsibilities that he forgets himself. …he forgets what he feels, his emotions, his suffering, etc… Unless he is immobilized by bodily illness, man is hardly aware of what is happening inside him! And yet, shouldn’t we first be in good psychological and physical shape to assume what we call « responsibilities »?

This is why the Lord asks us today to review our priorities. If, at the top of the pile of our concerns, we only find the things of this world, how could our soul evolve? Do not forget; we came to this world to have experiences in order to learn from them, so that our soul can grow. But if we don’t take care of our emotions… if we don’t give our heart the place it deserves in our life, how can we accomplish our mission here on earth?

When you have tried certain methods for years and the result is not satisfactory, you have the right to change. There is nothing wrong with reviewing our copy; change our minds, reconsider our habits and ask ourselves if the direction followed so far makes us free and happy… In short, review our priorities. Because despite our material achievements, despite our social position and the beautiful family we have founded, are we more fulfilled? At the end of his life, at the so-called age of wisdom, man is supposed to be happier, relaxed, fulfilled because he will have learned and understood what is important in life. But what do we notice around us? It is at this age that the worst suffering of the body and mind strikes…, signs that we had probably chosen our priorities poorly throughout our lives!

But there is still time. We can still make the right choices for our spiritual development ! “Go into your heart; look at what is inside; accept and experience this emotion. So you will be closer to your soul, you will learn and you will grow,” the Lord tells us today. Emotional priorities are the most important in life. And for good reason, how many people do we not see blocked by unresolved past situations which continually create emotions, attracting all kinds of suffering to them? When a situation seems to repeat itself in our life, we must ask ourselves the question: what emotion is it related to? What problem have I not been able to solve that keeps coming back to haunt me?

This is what we should place as our number 1 priority! Then the resulting spiritual calm will allow us to put things in their place around us. And so we can enjoy the peace and joy that will follow. And we will be able to show gratitude for the life that Heaven has given us!


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