Resistance (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of John 12:35-40 :

Jesus said, “For a brief time still, the light is among you. Walk by the light you have so darkness doesn’t destroy you. If you walk in darkness, you don’t know where you’re going. As you have the light, believe in the light. Then the light will be within you, and shining through your lives. You’ll be children of light.” God, who believed what we preached? Who recognized God’s arm, outstretched and ready to act? First they wouldn’t believe, then they couldn’t—again, just as Isaiah said: Their eyes are blinded, their hearts are hardened, So that they wouldn’t see with their eyes and perceive with their hearts, And turn to me, God, so I could heal them.

Man is a being of light. He has everything within him to radiate this light to the world. Indeed, Christ told us: « You are the light of the world » (Matthew 5:14). However, our lights do not shine. The darkness of this world has managed to envelop it in such a way that only a thin and insignificant glow remains. In fact, this is exactly why we came here on earth. Forgetting who we are and immersing ourselves in density, our goal is to draw upon our experiences in order to remember that we are beings of light. We must learn to recognize who we truly are so that even amidst these shadows, our light can shine! But in this process of evolution there is a significant challenge: resistance or hardness of heart.

« If a man wants to be sure of his path, let him close his eyes and walk in the darkness, » said Saint John of the Cross. Through this phrase of profound wisdom, Saint John of the Cross shows us the way to light: we can truly reach our destination, regain consciousness of our unity with God, and return to Him only if we surrender ourselves to Life. For God is Life! And He is also the Way… But every time we think we have all the answers, every time we choose to stay in our minds pondering, analyzing, calculating, striving to solve things by ourselves while ignoring the repeated calls from our hearts, we resist and this only generates unpleasant experiences in our lives! In fact, these afflictions are signs that invite us to reposition ourselves. But our eyes are as closed as our hearts and we struggle to face this reality no matter how harsh it may be! Inner resistance is the cause of all conflicts, wars, adversities, and miseries of mankind. By ignoring the voice of the soul, rejecting signs and synchronicities on our paths, even denying the evidence of what is true; we only plunge ourselves further into darkness. Our light will never shine…

So here is the Lord’s question for you today: « When will you finally understand that every resistance to what is, only sinks you deeper? Why can’t you simply surrender to life, change your perception of things, learn to feel so that things become easier for you? » Any lack of faith is a sign of resistance to what is. Every negative emotion is also a sign that we are resisting something… And why does the Lord ask us to avoid resisting life? Because it’s an evolutionary process. Whatever we resist persists! That’s the law; that’s how the universe works. And the best way to change this state of affairs, to turn away from the « devil, » from ego, from that relentless voice that pushes us further into density, is to become aware of our resistances in order to dissociate ourselves from them. When we stop thinking and start feeling, when we bend our knees and accept things as they are, when we become vulnerable…, then our light reignites. Because then our heart opens up to welcome this divine light which elevates our consciousness into true self-knowledge.

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