Choose first (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of John 3:3 :

Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

Every day, man is born anew! As strange as it may seem, the mutations that our different entities undergo leave no doubt about this transformation of being in every moment… Thousands of cells are regenerated in our bodies every second… Our soul replenishes itself (through sleep) as soon as it becomes exhausted and our mind (the intellect) changes its course at every instant… How can a person remain the same from one moment to another? And yet, Christ insists that one must be born again to see the kingdom of God… but not just any way, he specifies: « one must be born of water and spirit » (John 3:5)… This is a wise word that holds the key to the secrets of this sought-after happiness!

To be reborn is to make profound changes within oneself. It is, in fact, reconciling the mind with the soul in order to delve deep and discover its purity. Indeed, our soul seeks experiences. However, this often proves difficult as humans tend to avoid pain. And this fear, coupled with identification with the ego, leads many people to blame others for the harm they inflict upon themselves. It’s always someone else’s fault if we’re not doing well. The other person must change first. Obviously, the other person never truly changes because ultimately, what control do we have over their desires? Do they really want to change as we think? Is it their soul’s desire to conform to the world’s demands?

« Charity begins at home« , says the proverb. Everything that one desires with all their heart is a deep longing of our soul. It is the grandest idea that the soul has of itself and desires to experience. When we understand this reality, we know that it is up to us to act. So, if I want others to change, it is this glorious image of my soul that I project onto them. The soul wants to experience this change, and therefore it is up to me to start showing the way. Each one of us is a path. Each one of us, through our life, creates life. So as difficult as it may seem, if I decide to change and set out on the journey, others will see in me a role model. From their position, they can discover another possibility, a possibility they may not have considered from the beginning: the possibility of being born again! This is what Christ showed us through his passion on earth. It is possible to change things even at the risk of one’s own life. But for that, we must begin by changing ourselves first because when we lose this life, we regain life. This is the expression of perfect love for oneself and for others! Every time we take a step in the right direction (the direction desired by our soul), it brings joy to our soul! It makes God rejoice with joy! And ultimately, it brings happiness and ecstasy for us!

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