The closed door (Message of Light)

From the Gospel of Matthew 24:32 :

From the fig tree learn its lesson: as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts out its leaves, you know that summer is near.

From the Gospel of Luke 12:57 :

And why do you not judge for yourselves what is right?

Sometimes, life seems elusive. Everything is dark, obscure around oneself and no way out seems to appear… There are times when one needs exceptional mental strength to get out of a difficult situation; things don’t always go as desired and worse yet, many times, it seems like everything is going against our happiness. So, what’s happening here? We desire something… we want things to happen in a certain way and we have made arrangements accordingly. We have done everything for them to unfold that way… But we have been disappointed… And obviously, loss or failure is hard to swallow. How could this happen? Yet haven’t we done everything necessary for it to be different?

In this earthly journey, situations are not alike and paths, even less so. Many circumstances may seem incomprehensible, mysterious, and blurry to us; yet they are right there in front of us. What to do? We have a choice: follow the emotions generated by dismay and cling on to try, at all costs, to « rectify » the situation; or accept what has just happened, take a step back and reassess to see if other opportunities present themselves; other paths that lead to the same destination!

Life, which unfolds before us, is a beautiful laboratory of spiritual exercises. Every day, at every moment, it presents us with multiple paths. Multiple paths that all lead to the same destination: the eternal kingdom. Therefore, the choice is offered to us each time to take the one that seems to offer us what we desire. Obviously, if we are divided within ourselves, doubts settle in our minds and we do not have the light of our soul to make wise choices for it, we can find ourselves in chaotic situations. The door is closed. The path is blocked. We can no longer continue. But in this case, what is the solution? Learn to reflect and discern for ourselves. That’s the role of the mind. And when it submits itself to intuition, we know that we should never force things but that a seemingly insurmountable situation holds its own resolution within it.

Therefore, we must learn to create distance. That’s the secret. Create distance. Not only does this allow us to examine the situation more objectively but also determine other opportunities available to us. Among these other solutions, perhaps we will find a door that is even more open! That’s the true meaning of surrendering oneself . Instead of forcing things , accepting what is without judgment , then stepping back and allowing oneself be guided by light towards brighter paths.

Good meditation.


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