Detachment (Message of Light)

From the book of Psalms 61:11 :

Put no trust in extortion; set no vain hopes on robbery; if riches increase, set not your heart on them.

From the Gospel of Luke 14:26 : 

If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.

How difficult it is sometimes to understand the depth of the Word of liberation! Created free and flourishing in a rich and prosperous Universe, man is called to fully enjoy everything that could make him happy. This is the promise of the Creator: « I will shake all nations; The treasures of all nations will come, And I will fill this house with glory, » says the Lord Almighty. « The silver is mine and the gold is mine, » declares the Lord Almighty. « The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house, » says the Lord Almighty (Haggai 2:7-9). In other words, God calls us to enjoy earthly and heavenly blessings in order to live happily in this world that welcomes us. There are no restrictions or obligations because His unconditional love covers everything. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with loving gold, silver, wealth power ,glory,family ,children,and parents… as long as we don’t become attached to them!

To love hardly means to attach oneself. Attachment is an emotional dependency that weaves bonds of servitude towards a person or thing. This bond makes this person or thing our God. Is it good for us, for our mind, for our soul? No. Because in such emotional dependence, there is no peace, no joy, no tranquility… there is no happiness and therefore, no life! That’s why Christ is firm on this: embracing one’s identity as god, son or daughter of God, means knowing how to set limits in one’s affections; it means knowing how to love with a healthy and pure love. When we love deeply, we do not become attached because we recognize that unity is hardly synonymous with deprivation of freedom; every being is free and must enjoy their own freedom.

The Master’s message today is clear: let us begin now to detach ourselves from the people we love. Let us not wait until they are dead because then the pain will be more intense; the suffering will be harder to bear and the sorrow will be more bitter. To do this, it is necessary to discuss with our loved ones, explain to them that regardless of the love we have for them, we must detach ourselves from them in order to continue experiencing our own being! Furthermore, a being can only give what they have. And if we are attached to a person instead of remaining attached to our soul which is Love itself , where could we draw this love from in order to continue loving unconditionally our loved ones?

It is necessary to face the evidence. Depending on someone exposes us to the loss of that person. That’s how the universe works, constantly restoring a perfect balance between energies. On the other hand, when we free ourselves and free others through detachment, this does not diminish love in any way. On the contrary! In practice, detachment becomes an opportunity to live even more intensely my feelings towards my loved ones. Because it will regulate my love and allow me to love them even more, accompanying them on their path of freedom and self-discovery. Today, the Lord invites us not to wait for circumstances to force us because separation and abrupt detachment are more painful and difficult to absorb.

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