Two paths (Message of Light)

From the book of Isaiah 28:29 :

This also comes from the LORD of hosts; he is wonderful in counsel and excellent in wisdom.

Do you believe in these words of the prophet Isaiah? Are you convinced of its truthfulness in your life, here and now? Many people make decisions every day that they later regret when the consequences arise… The choice they made at a certain point in their lives comes back to them as experiences they do not appreciate… Did they lack discernment? Or was it a random choice? Did they lack foresight or was it unconscious decisions ? That’s the whole question !

Yes, we are all sons and daughters of God. Without any exception. And as such, we are gods (Psalm 82:6). It is time to stop being afraid and become aware of this reality today. Otherwise, the journey away from the Source will be even longer. The loss will be even greater and continue to cause disorder in our lives. The creator has bestowed upon us many powers. We are capable of creating our reality solely through our thoughts and emotions. But that is not the only thing man is capable of. We are also able to make good decisions… Or should I say, decisions that are right for us; choices that serve the higher interest of our soul ! Otherwise, why would Christ have asked us: « And why do you not judge for yourselves what is right? » (Luke 12:57)?

At every moment, we make choices. It’s our full-time job in this world, and even beyond it. For ourselves and sometimes for others, we decide on this or that… Sometimes circumstances help us with it. Sometimes the path is straight and it’s easy to find the answer. But many times, we find ourselves at a crossroads where we’re forced to decide whether to turn left or turn right. In those moments, how do we make the right choice? How do we discern what is right? How do we avoid making mistakes? Some decisions in our lives can have very broad repercussions over a long period of time.Therefore, it’s important to learn how to discern what is « good » for us.

The first thing to understand is that the « right » choice is never based on what happens outside… Even if, in many ways, it seems to be the case, all our decisions must be based on our inner feelings. Therefore, we must calm down. Silence our minds, because in compulsive calculations and analysis, in the agitations of the ego, we cannot truly discern. We must focus, avoid thinking and look inside our hearts… Right now, we have a very clear picture of the situation; we can perceive very clearly the two paths that are available to us: one of light and the other of darkness (or density). There is no good or bad choice. There are only choices that align or do not align with the energy we emit, with the desires of our soul… In this luminous state, our soul indicates to us through this small voice of intuition, the path of light that we must take. It never deceives us. It allows us at this moment to take command of our lives and set in motion this power of discernment with which the Creator has endowed us.

Good meditation.


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